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why do students from tier one colleges prefer to join MNCs than build something of their own.

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  • anurag srivastava   location_on Gurugram, India

    play_arrow 261 listens   not true    

  • Armish Sonkar   location_on

    play_arrow 116 listens   ℅ comparison within tier 1 favors MNCs    

  • Ishant Jain   location_on Vadodara, India

    play_arrow 206 listens   i don't think so    

  • Mohit Saluja   location_on Delhi, India

    play_arrow 160 listens   all fingers are different    

  • Gundeep Kaur   location_on

    play_arrow 210 listens   loans_fee_hike    

  • Aaditya Upadhyay   location_on Bengaluru, India

    play_arrow 193 listens   society dictates    

  • Varad Dwivedi   location_on

    play_arrow 119 listens   week R&D in institution is a reason    

  • kumar shivam   location_on

    play_arrow 146 listens   #RajuvsRancho    

  • Ruchi Pandey   location_on Gurugram, India

    play_arrow 7 listens   2017 Oscars goofup: epic fail or publicity stunt???