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?Status of AAP govt. in Delhi
what is happening in Delhi in the context of administration

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  • Shyam Panjwani   location_on Houston, United States

    play_arrow 53 listens   improvement in education    

  • vinit agrawal   location_on Bengaluru, India

    play_arrow 71 listens   nice    

  • Melbin Thomas   location_on New Delhi, India

    play_arrow 53 listens   have done very well in the portfolios that they have    

  • Armish Sonkar   location_on

    play_arrow 35 listens   Transformed Govt. Schools    

  • vinit agrawal   location_on Bengaluru, India

    play_arrow 23 listens   someone need to talk to the people    

  • Vikas Vashisth   location_on Majrakath, India

    play_arrow 30 listens   NOBJP    

  • Armish Sonkar   location_on

    play_arrow 16 listens   Agree with Vikas    

  • mukund bhondwe   location_on

    play_arrow 18 listens   so why was The BJP elected inspite of mentioned good work by AAP    

  • Armish Sonkar   location_on

    play_arrow 30 listens   Reasons of BJP win    

  • mukund bhondwe   location_on

    play_arrow 17 listens   i guess you're right Armish    

  • Love Suryavanshi   location_on Mumbai, India

    play_arrow 7 listens   Great work at ground level