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Why are women considered/Labelled as bad drivers ?

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  • soham ganguly   location_on Siliguri, India

    play_arrow 72 listens   #perception    

  • Armish Sonkar   location_on

    play_arrow 26 listens   Women fraternity, started driving a bit late in human history    

  • Ananya Pradhan   location_on

    play_arrow 21 listens   poor reflexes might be a reason. agree?    

  • anurag srivastava   location_on Gurugram, India

    play_arrow 14 listens   methodical approach    

  • Mohit Saluja   location_on

    play_arrow 20 listens   cultural block    

  • Ananya Pradhan   location_on

    play_arrow 12 listens   #stats say women fail driving test more    

  • Mohit Saluja   location_on

    play_arrow 7 listens   poor reflex    

  • Mohit Saluja   location_on

    play_arrow 13 listens   numbers can be tricky    

  • Armish Sonkar   location_on

    play_arrow 10 listens   Stats: Correlation not causality    

  • Ananya Pradhan   location_on

    play_arrow 14 listens   duly noted    

  • Kashyap Ontour   location_on Bengaluru, India

    play_arrow 8 listens   skills requured    

  • Melbin Thomas   location_on

    play_arrow 3 listens   the more you drive the better you get at it    

  • Melbin Thomas   location_on

    play_arrow 5 listens   #women need to volunteer to drive more    

  • Paul Nsangou   location_on The Colony, United States

    play_arrow 7 listens   Women are more fearful and cautious    

  • Armish Sonkar   location_on

    play_arrow 3 listens   Paul: Women are risk averse to a large extent    

  • carolyne mate   location_on Delhi, India

    play_arrow 9 listens   women considered low    

  • Mrityunjaya Shukla   location_on Ghaziabad, India

    play_arrow 2 listens   mindset developed but this should not be generalised.    

  • Armish Sonkar   location_on

    play_arrow 1 listens   Great discussion    

  • dishant ghai   location_on

    play_arrow 1 listens   Agree in general    

  • Travelling 1.5 Billion Inches   location_on

    play_arrow 1 listens   Perception    

  • Stefen Kay   location_on Bouguenais, France

    play_arrow 2 listens   women are not