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Has technology killed love?

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  • Armish Sonkar   location_on

    play_arrow 41 listens   Love or lust at first sight    

  • kumar shivam   location_on

    play_arrow 26 listens   binary trigger digital or non digital    

  • Abhishek Singh Bailoo   location_on

    play_arrow 44 listens   yolo    

  • mukund bhondwe   location_on

    play_arrow 17 listens   background info of Tinder.    

  • Ananya Pradhan   location_on

    play_arrow 13 listens   depends on how you use it    

  • Armish Sonkar   location_on

    play_arrow 6 listens   ?Ananya: The original idea was match making, that's why ppl use it like that    

  • Ananya Pradhan   location_on

    play_arrow 11 listens   #clarification    

  • Summer .S   location_on Ipoh, Malaysia

    play_arrow 3 listens   silly    

  • sherlys Sugijarto   location_on Semarang, Indonesia

    play_arrow 0 listens   nope tech doesnt kill love