gurleen kaur

Why ppl forget the diff between right n wrong?

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  • Armish Sonkar   location_on

    play_arrow 11 listens   Idea of love is abstract, ppl don't love other ppl, they love figure of their imagination    

  • Ruchi Pandey   location_on Delhi, India

    play_arrow 12 listens   #selfjustification    

  • gurleen kaur   location_on Amritsar, India

    play_arrow 11 listens   in tht case its obsession nt love    

  • Arsh Judge   location_on Amritsar, India

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  • Komang Adi   location_on

    play_arrow 1 listens   jika menemukan kunci sepeda motor kakak saya hubungi 083853004225    

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  • Putro Hermawan   location_on

    play_arrow 1 listens   Rok merah panjang    

  • syadilla putri   location_on Palembang, Indonesia

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